About Us
APETAN provides consulting solutions within all disciplines of Information Technology to major companies throughout the metropolitan area.

As specialists in recruitment and placement, we take pride in our uncompromising commitment to provide the highest level of personal service and customer satisfaction. Our business development and recruiting staff come from diverse backgrounds in private industry, human resources and information technology and, as a result, are able to offer insightful counsel to candidates and clients.

Our mission is to provide the finest IT consultants to organizations facing technological and staffing challenges and to offer dynamic career enhancing opportunities to our valued consultants.

The Cornerstones of our Success:


Begin with Excellent Questions

Finding the right consultant for a key position poses an extraordinary challenge, especially when time and technology are your first priorities. APETAN works closely with corporate clients throughout the US to successfully meet this challenge.


Our results are fueled by information and awareness. Client objectives. Corporate organization. Attitudes and philosophies. Special considerations. Excellent matches require astute and immediate judgment.


Assignments are accepted only when we believe ourselves competent and confident of rendering useful and lasting service.


Work with a Sense of Urgency

APETAN promptly addresses your increasingly sophisticated and varied needs. We offer true business solutions as well as immediate technical solutions. We treat every point as match point.

Make a Difference

Consistency. Reliability. Accountability. We know that great service exists only when you say it's great.

Provide Unparalleled Expertise

Our highly trained and experienced staff strives to provide an unprecedented sense of confidence in our ability to attract and deliver the level of talent that you, and your customers, demand.


Make Valuable Contributions

APETAN delivers cost-effective solutions. We solve problems quickly and efficiently. And, we take a collaborative approach to every project - delivering today, anticipating tomorrow.

Commit to Quality

Integrity. Mutual trust. Dedication. Performance

Build Long Term Partnerships

We understand that every company is different, every position unique. The quality of our work is reflected in the high percentage of repeat business from our clients, and the loyalty of our consultants

If you are a company with staffing needs or would like additional information on how APETAN may be of service please CONTACT US. If you are a candidate interested in learning about potential career opportunities please view the CAREER section of our website.

What Our Clients Have To Say
Apetan has a first-class team providing the City of Jersey with the best possible workforce.
They have exceeded all of our expectations.
Adam knight
Prior to getting together with Apetan Consulting I was unsuccessful using other temp agencies. I asked you why I should go with you, and what was going to separate you from the other agency. You said to me, I will set up 3 interviews for you this week and I am quite confident that you will hire one out of the three. Well, you were half right. I did not have three interviews; I only had to have one. I hired the first interview on the spot.
Susan Comb
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