Many of our clients have robust in-house personnel capabilities, but lack particular critical resources needed to successfully undertake or complete a project or initiative. Apetan has cultivated a vast network of skilled talent across a variety of industries and sectors since 1995. We use our unparalleled professional network to provide our clients with both tactical and strategic skills augmentation resourcing.

In cases of tactical skills augmentation, we infuse expertise quickly so that our clients can meet their immediate mission critical objectives. We also offer strategic staffing for those clients interested in planning out a project or looking to invest in long-term or full-time capabilities. Specializing in the assessment of long-term goals, Apetan helps clients understand which combination of resourcing services will best allow them to meet their business objectives. Whether our clients need contract resourcing, permanent resourcing, professional consulting or a mixed contingent of professionals, we help them develop a cost-effective and efficient strategy to meeting their long-term personnel requirements.


Mission critical technical and project management skills are always in high demand. We offer access to many exciting and high-profile positions available throughout the U.S. for qualified specialists, technical experts and project managers. If you are interested in more effectively marketing your skills and experience, then apply with Apetan via our website today
What Our Clients Have To Say
Apetan has a first-class team providing the City of Jersey with the best possible workforce.
They have exceeded all of our expectations.
Adam knight
Prior to getting together with Apetan Consulting I was unsuccessful using other temp agencies. I asked you why I should go with you, and what was going to separate you from the other agency. You said to me, I will set up 3 interviews for you this week and I am quite confident that you will hire one out of the three. Well, you were half right. I did not have three interviews; I only had to have one. I hired the first interview on the spot.
Susan Comb
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